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At Six Dogs Distillery we Passionately Craft – One Batch at a Time

Another attraction to visit close by is the Six Dog Distillery.  Creating some of the finest Gin one batch at a time.

Six Dogs Karoo

Six Dogs Karoo Gin is a delicate and balanced Gin of twelve select botanical’s. Distilled and bottled by us at Six Dogs Distillery. Its distinguishing botanical’s are grown on our farm, which intersects three different bioregions including the Succulent Karoo. It is from here that we gather the Karoo Thorn flower and Wild Lavender that make our Gin unique amongst all the Gins in the world.

Sip it and you will pick up the paired notes of Juniper and Wild Lavender that introduce the Karoo. What follows is a fresh medley of citrus including Limes, Mandarins and farm grown Lemon Buchu. Cassia, Chamomile and Angelica bind the heart of the Gin. While the delicate flower of the Acacia Thorn adds a top note of soft sweetness. Six Dogs is best enjoyed as is. Over ice and with a good tonic. It needs no garnish!

Six Dogs Distillery - Worcester

Six Dogs Distillery – Worcester

Six Dogs Blue

The name for Six Dogs Blue derives from the Blue Pea flower (Clitoria Ternatea). An antioxidant and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. As chance would have it, ‘Blue’ is also the name of the smallest dog in our pack of six. Blue Pea infusion gives the Gin its striking blue colour. A light pink colour is noted when the alchemy of this unusual botanical is further revealed when the gin is mixed with a good tonic.

Six Dogs Blue is the most royal of Gins. A party Gin. A touch of magic. A classic dry Gin with experiences of freshly cut lucerne over hand-picked and morning-harvested Rose Pelargonium. Think of that well known shaken-not-stirred cocktail and let your imagination run riot. Not for the timid, Blue is a Gin to inspire the novel you never got around to writing. To bring out a little of the sinner and singer in you and to raise in a toast at the end of a hard-fought battle.

Six Dogs Distillery - Worcester

Six Dogs Distillery – Worcester

Distilled at the Fringe of the Karoo

No one really knows where the Karoo begins and ends. We do know, however, that in our little valley of De Wet, nestled between the Breede River Valley and the Hex River Valley, where the wild things grow! We use some of these wild plants of the Karoo in our Gin, also growing our own botanical’s whilst supporting neighboring farmers who grow specific fruit for us.

Our distillery was built with a view of the mountains and the greater Karoo. Looking up towards the kloof from which we get the purest mountain water ever, and yes, you guessed right – that’s the source of the water we use to make our Gin. In the evenings, we can just see the lights of Worcester behind us as we take in the beautiful view up the valley and wonder if the Karoo doesn’t actually begin right here at the Distillery.

Six Dogs Distillery - Worcester

Six Dogs Distillery – Worcester


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